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Welcome to Toodles42's APE ZONE Fan Page!

This page is dedicated to APE ZONE, the mysterious TV Movie that changed my Life...



UPDATE: January 2016: Well Dang! Productions has released Ape Zone on YouTube. OMG IT IS EXACTLY HOW I REMEMBER IT IF NOT BETTER!.

UPDATE: November 19, 2015: Wow, somehow I found the login information for this old site I made as a kid (WOW! I really need to redesign this some day!). I was contacted by Well Dang! Productions because they FOUND A COPY OF "APE ZONE." I'm excited, but it's also bittersweet! I just wanted to come here and put the trailer up:

Pretty exciting, huh?! You better believe I'll link to it when it's up online!

I was sposed to create a web site for my english class, but I had no topic...until now!
On Saturday, Febuary 3rd, 1996, I was sitting on my bed clipping my finger nails. The TV was on because I had been watching Star Trek: Voyager. But at MIDNIGHT, something happened.
APE ZONE came on. I stopped everything to watch this magnicifent peice of film. My thumb nail was long for a week after cause I forgot to clip it!

FYI, I got these GIFs from the UPN website a long time ago I keep getting questions about that since I cant find the show, but it's only that. Sorry I dont have more about it to share.


APE ZONE tells the story of 10 people who are locked in a room by an ape. Or maybe it is a man in an ape suit. They don't know why...but they do know that the ape keeps paging them on a beeper!

The people are really cool, from different woks of life. There is Lucia, a grunge girl and Otto, a grunge guy. There is Greg, who is a video gamer. There is Monika, a mall girl. There is a guy who thinks he is Yuri Gregarian, that space man. He's kind of kooky. There's one girl who actually worked with apes in the forest, and one guy who is kind of a cocky jock. His name is Keeth. And there's an old guy who sells vacuum cleaners.

But the scary thing is...

When the ape pages them, one of these people dies. And not only do they die, they have to VOTE for the person who dies! How carzy is that!? I was so surprised to see something so dark, because I am pretty sure this was UPN that was on my TV. But the fact is, this show is like nothing I have ever seen or ever will.


The strange thing is, nobody I have talked to has saw it. I asked every one at school, and I have searched all over Hotbot, Lycos, and Yahoo! and I can not find any evidence that it even existed? Its like I made it up in my head - but I know I was not trippin! In the past couple weeks I have called the local TV station and everything, but nobody can tell me who made Ape Zone or where I can buy it on VHS. I can only hope that some one will see this page and tell me I was not dreaming.


If yOu sAw APe ZoNe, SiGn mY gUesTBoOK!
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